WatanArts is an amazing app enables you to bring your memories to life by turning them to self-adhesive photo board (WatanBoard) for a gorgeous wall décor in your home WatanArts App enables you to make some editing for a better look to your photo , you can edit your photo colors and contrast . Rotate , flip and split your photo to pieces , also you can add different filters from our amazing filters list WatanArts enables you to know which photos of your memories are suitable to print

Watanboard is a self-adhesive photo board characterized by the following features - Light weight - Easy to stick - Requires No nails - Cause No damage to your wall - Your photo printed directly on the board - Scratch resistant - Exhibit good light fastness

WatanArts App offers six shapes of WatanBoards (1)Square shape 20cm*20cm (2)Rectangle portrait 20cm*30cm (3)Rectangle landscape 20cm*30cm Also you can split your photo to 3 pieces for panoramic wall art , Split boards sizes are (4) 20cm * 60cm (5) 20cm * 90cm (6) 30cm * 60cm

Only 350 L.E for a set of 3 Watanboards and 90 L.E for each additional photo board and that include the free shipping

please watch the videos on our YouTube channel Watan Arts https://bit.ly/2Zasn2o

It should be at least 600 by 600 pixels you can reach to these details by giving the image file a right click. A menu will appear and select the last option Properties. Then select details here you will find the size, dimensions and resolution There are two great rules for good printing photo (1)the higher the better The Higher the photo resolution the better the printing quality and The lower the resolution the lower the printing quality (2)Upload the original photo when you order Watanboard we recommend that you upload the original photo from your camera or your smart phone not the photo you download from Facebook , instgram or WhatsApp because all social media networks save smaller version from your photo by compressing and this make the photo to miss most of its data

There are 5 sticky pads on the back of each photo boards, peel the protective paper off and stick the photo to the wall

It is special sticks which can remain for years and there is extra sticks inside the package

Absloutely Yes! Watan Boards is designed to be easily removable. Just twist them off the wall and stick them somewhere else. You can try out different layouts and there are a lot of layouts ideas in our FB , ING page https://bit.ly/2Zd0gzk

No damage to your wall , we love walls

We love our enviroment so we used Eco-friendly Printing technique doesn’t emit harmful Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) so printing your photos is a safe process to both human and environment

WatanArts offer free shipping all over Egypt

Within 3-5 working days

They will be shipped via Aramex which is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics

Watan Arts support Android and iOS systems

We accept online payment Visa, MasterCard and we offer cash on delivery inside Egypt

For wholesale / corporate orders please contact us at support@watanarts.com Or our facebook page messages https://bit.ly/2Zd0gzk

If you have another questions contact us at support@watanarts.com our facebook page messages https://bit.ly/2Zd0gzk

Yes. Please contact us at support@watanarts.com our facebook page messages https://bit.ly/2Zd0gzk

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